Why data science is the most attractive career option right now?

Data Science is the most attractive career option

Data Science has been ranked as one of the hottest professions and the demand for data practitioners is booming. The Professional Certificates from Topminds.ai is intended for anyone interested in developing skills and experience to pursue a career in data science or Machine Learning.

Also, it is a myth that to become a data scientist you need a Ph.D. and Masters. Data Science courses are suitable for anyone who has some computer skills and a passion for self-learning. No prior computer science or programming knowledge is necessary.

The job of data scientist has become a new trend across the world, as the Data-driven decision making is increasing in popularity. Every company no matter how small or big they are, looking for employees who can understand and analyze the data.

It has already been declared as the hottest job, data scientist brings in skill sets and knowledge from various backgrounds such as mathematics, statistics, analytics, modeling, and business acumen. These skills help them to identify patterns which can help the organization to recognize new market opportunity.

Top Reasons to Choose Data Science as a career option

         Data Scientist is the job, which is creating a hype, by its demand all around the world. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, the U.S. will have around 140,000 to 180,000 fewerdata scientists than it needs. The demand for data science is increasing, while the supply is too low. India requires over 200,000 data scientists by 2018 compared to engineers and chartered accountants. So why to wait, become one of them and be in demand.

         The national average salary for a Data Scientist is INR 6,50,000 in India and the national average salary for a Data Scientist is $1,20,931 in the United States coming to Europe, the national average salary for a Data Scientist is Euro 52,000. These salaries are much higher compared to other jobs.

         They are blooming in every field of the businesses from IT to healthcare, from E-commerce to marketing and retail. Data being the most valuable asset to a company, Data Scientists play a very important role, they serve as a trusted adviser and strategic partner to their management. They analyze the data for valuable resources that can help refine their niche, identify the preferred target audience and manage future marketing and growth strategies.

         Data Science is flourishing, it is being the most demand job. Companies are desperately looking for Data Scientists. As Data Scientists are high in demand and supply is low. E-commerce companies are not only the companies who are hiring them, but today Data Scientists are also being hired by companies from almost every field, in fact, many start-ups are relying on Data Science to go ahead(so choose a data science course wisely).

         Data science is the field that is not only helping businesses to recognize their markets and then making better decisions, but it is also helping out businesses to get closer to their customers to bring them effective services. Data Scientists are the superheroes, who collect, cleanse and organize the data with their intense skills. Aspirants who want to take their careers as a Data Scientists will need lots of personal commitment to work hard and deliver results that matter

March 29, 2020